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Union Ave Books presents a reading and book signing from Three Bridges: An Anthology. Join us for light hors d'oeuvres and wine with authors David Alley, Rusty Carl, Jayne Morgan, Toni Powell, L. Mahayla Smith and Nancy Wahler.

Concrete or metal, gracefully arched or ugly as mud, bridges connect us not only to the other side of the river, but to our past, to long-gone stories and the lonesome whine of the train whistle.

These eleven short stories are about bridges crossed, connections made or missed. Sometimes it isn't clear how we get fro here to there, but the journey always involves bridging some gap to find ourselves in a new place.




Join us for a reading and signing with Lisa Soland author of The Unmade Moose, sequel to the holiday favorite, The Christmas Tree Angel.

The Unmade Moose is the sequel to another holiday favorite, The Christmas Tree Angel. One day, the moose, an unfinished stuffed toy, meets the angel and she tells him he was made on purpose and for a reason. When two knitting needles are dropped into the moose's home, his long awaited adventure begins.








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