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How Can I get My Book in Union Ave Books?

Congratulations on your book!

If your book is available through a distributor such as Ingram or Baker & Taylor, please contact our buyer at

Union Ave Books Consignment Policies for Self-Published Books

Basic Rules

All sales are on consignment. Our commission is 40%.

Pricing should be comparable to the rest of our stock.

Your book should have an ISBN number.

Due to lack of shelf space, we will initially take 2 copies of your book, but we may request additional copies.

We will ask you to pick up any unsold copies after 6 months.

We pay only for books that have been sold.

General Guidelines

Our consignment committee is looking for books that are well-written and well-edited with subject matter appropriate to our store. (No pornography, for instance, or excessive violence or political rants.)
We look at book excerpts only. Please choose an excerpt to bring in, or send it as an attachment to We have limited space and an increasing number of requests, so please do not leave your book with us to read. We reserve the right to reject any book that does not fit our store.

Tips for a Successful Consignment

Encourage your friends, family, and other contacts to purchase your book at Union Ave Books.
Send out press releases and other promotional materials and contact local media and book clubs to let them know your book is available at Union Ave Books.


Union Ave Books is more than just a bookstore. We are a community of readers and writers. Because our shelf space is limited, we give preference to writers who are our customers and supporters of independent bookstores.

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